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Quality Assurance Plan

Our quality control team is equipped with state of the art testing and monitoring systems

Factory Floor with Two Workers

Raw Materials

Chemicals analysis of iron ore, coal, sponge iron, steel melting scrap on receipt of the material at our plant.


Quality Verification

Material approved by the quality department only will be allowed to deliver to the stores department. Stores department issue material to the production line based on the indent from the production department.

molten iron testing.jpg

Chemical analysis of hot metal

Heat wise analysis of chemical and physical properties of billets and bloom produced in the steel melting shop.


Temperature Control

Proper control of reheating furnace temperature


Intermediate Quality Management

Continuous checking and monitoring of physical and mechanical properties of all structural steel and TMT bars rolled in the rolling mill

final product inspection.jpg

End Product Inspection

Final checking of physical, mechanical and chemical properties of finished products before releasing for dispatch.

Quality: Features
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